HJ Cold storage panel

HJ polyurethane foam cold storage panel uses light polyurethane as the inner material of the cold storage board. The advantage of polyurethane is that the thermal insulation performance is very good. The outer part of the polyurethane cold storage board is made of SII, PVC color steel plate and stainless steel plate components. The advantage of this is to prevent the cold storage board from spreading temperature due to the large temperature difference between the inside and outside, thus making the cold storage more energy-saving and improving the working efficiency of the cold storage.

The choice of polyurethane foam cold storage panel is very important for the cold storage. Because the cold storage is different from the ordinary warehouse, the temperature in the cold storage is generally relatively low, and the requirements for air temperature, humidity, and environment are relatively high. So when we choose polyurethane cold storage board, we should pay attention to the choice of polyurethane cold storage board with good temperature control. If the polyurethane cold storage board is not well selected, If the temperature in the cold storage is difficult to control, it will easily lead to the deterioration of the products stored in the cold storage, or make the refrigeration compressor of the cold storage work frequently, wasting more resources and increasing costs. Select HJ's polyurethane foam cold storage panel to better maintain the cold storage.

Polyurethane foam insulation panel series

1)HJ Polyurethane foam cold storage panel



Plastic Film Thickness: 0.06-0.08mm 

Density: 40 kg/m³ 

Thermal Conductivity: 0.022w/m.k 

Fireproof Grade: B 

Color: Ang Ral color 

Length: Customized 

2)HJ Partition panel


3)HJ Hidden nail ceiling panel


4)HJ 20mm thickness concealed nail ceiling plate panel


HJ inported the Italian OMS six-component high-pressure foaming machine, which has the world's leading technology.


The fire protection grade of HJ polyurethane foam composite panel can reach B1 standard.


Collection of cold storage panel engineering cases