The specific installation and operation steps of Jieyang industrial lifting door

Jieyang industrial lift door is a kind of industrial door whose door leaf is raised up along the track. This kind of industrial door is generally large in size, and is currently widely used in large and medium-sized factory gates, warehouse production workshops and intermediate levels. Generally, after buying an industrial door, what are the actual installation and operation procedures?


1 install auxiliary rail

The auxiliary rail specification should be slightly longer than the length of the door panel of the industrial door. When installing the auxiliary rail, be sure to pay attention to its flatness and not skewed.

2 fixed track

Be sure to pay attention to the slope when installing the industrial door track. Each time the door leaf is raised by 10m, the track needs to be skewed by one centimeter. The distance between the lower rail and the wall should be 50 mm, the part of the rail connector should be aligned at both ends, and the auxiliary rail and the L angle should be connected with screws and flanges.

3 install spare parts

The torsion spring support frame, the fixed flange, and the torsion spring, wire spool, rolling bearing support frame and other spare parts that are consistent with the net weight of the door body are sequentially sleeved on the central main beam of the industrial door. (Note: When installing parts, you must pay attention to distinguish the top and bottom positions, and check again when the installation is in progress.)

4 install the door

Use a leveling instrument to find the level, make the two sides of the industrial door panel consistent, flatten the door panel with a soft cushion, just install the large hinges on both sides, and install the door panels in order. After the immobilization is carried out, the middle small hinge is evenly scored.

5 torsion spring upper force

Put one end of the galvanized steel wire rope loop on the hook shaft of the bottom wheel support frame, and tighten the torsion spring according to the divided up strength table. It does not need to exceed or be less than the divided number of turns. Pin it with a steel rod and attach the other end of the galvanized steel wire rope. Hang on the reel, tighten the galvanized steel wire rope, lock the reel, then lock the clamping flange, and remove the pinned steel rod. (Note: There are huge risk factors in this whole process. It is essential to pay attention to protect yourself and prevent damage to others.)

6 mounted electric motors

Install the motor on the opposite part and fix it with a small screw.

7 Regularly check and adjust

When adjusting, be sure to pay attention to the flexibility of each position of the industrial door, the smooth operation, several inspections and certifications, until the industrial lift door is truly operating at ease and the customer’s engineering acceptance has no problems, all installation work will be announced.



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