What are the characteristics and advantages of Jieyang industrial lifting doors?

At present, many companies are building processing plants after opening stores and selecting locations. When deploying industrial plant gates, they must give priority to the use of industrial lift doors. This is also the current development trend of higher and higher regulations on the natural environment of industrial areas. , To build a more standardized environment, and achieve a variety of multi-functional index values such as environmental protection, energy saving, environmental protection, and airtightness. So as a commodity, industrial lift doors do have the most satisfying effects. Now the web editor of Jieyang industrial lift door manufacturers will introduce in detail the practical characteristics and advantages of industrial


The electric sliding door is connected in series with the door pages of the multi-spine theme activity, fixed in the sliding rail cableway, and rotating left and right with the secret medicine on the door as the management center. A special motor is used to drive the central axis of the roller blind management to rotate, so that the power switch of the roller blind curtain is automatically terminated when the rotation reaches the left and right limit switches set by the motor. It is mainly made of thickened two-layer hot-dip galvanized color steel tile plus internal high-density foamed polyurethane raw materials. It has the advantages of thermal insulation, sound insulation, noise reduction, and thermal insulation. Used in the gates of industrial plants and their large and medium-sized warehouses. The key to this type of industrial door has the following many characteristics:

      1. Sound insulation and noise reduction: Because the electric sliding door is made of thickened two-layer color steel tiles and high-density polyurethane materials, it has a very good sound insulation and noise reduction effect, which can very well protect against noise and ensure Door noise reduction opens and closes.

      2. Versatility: The design of this industrial sliding door is opened vertically upwards, hanging on the side of the door leaf square wall does not occupy indoor space, and can release the door leaf indoor space to the greatest extent, with very good versatility .

      3. Air tightness: Because the two sides, bottom and top of the door frame of this kind of industrial door are all equipped with high-quality silicone sealing strips, the middle of each door frame also has very good airtightness, which can ensure the door body Will not be corroded, so it has good air tightness.

      4. Wind resistance: When the door body has a certain total width, built-in ribs will be used to ensure the compressive strength, which can resist instantaneous 10 wind speeds.

      5. Appearance: The polyurethane material layer of the electric sliding door plus two layers of hot-dip galvanized color steel tiles, and the surface design is embossed, so that the door frame of the industrial door will not change for a long time, and it also has the unique characteristics of easy cleaning .



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