What are the types of garage doors in Jieyang?

No matter what your parking space is, the proper choice of garage doors cannot be ignored. It is connected to the parking space application and the convenience of subsequent applications.



1. Jieyang garage doors can be divided into two types: manual type and electric type.

      1. The advantages of manual garage doors: high quality and low price, maintenance-free electric opportunities are difficult; suitable for rural parking spaces and some power switching frequency.

      2. Advantages of electric garage doors: unique appearance, convenient and convenient application, suitable for houses and single-family villas.

   2. The garage door is divided into the following types according to the door leaf material and installation method.

       1. The characteristics of the electrical equipment of the flap door: beautiful and easy to use, easy to overhaul and open to the outside world and flexible maintenance.

       2. Moving curtain cloth inside the automatic door. Features: The wooden floor and the size of the parking space are the optimal supporting parking spaces.

       3. Outside the electric rolling shutter door, features: it is not easy to harm a hole in the parking space, and the garage door is more convenient when it is more convenient.

       4. The advantages of aluminum garage doors are light and handy, low failure rate, and cheap color steel plates.

   3. When buying a garage door, first consider the size of your car and the size of the garage door, according to the regulations of the parking space, and then according to the type of garage door you must choose.

Four. The key to the garage door is remote control, sensor switch, electric type, and manual type. Remote controls, sensor switches, and electrical engineering can all be called fully automatic garage doors. The key difference between a manual garage door and a fully automatic garage door is that there is no electric motor. The most common parking lot for blinds on the sales market is made of aluminum alloy profile extrusion. The surface layer is electrostatically induced electrostatic powder spraying and fluorocarbon paint processing technology to complete corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance, no rust, and strong scratch resistance. Strong performance, long service life, high compressive strength, safety, maintenance and other functions. Therefore, the most common application.



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