The 6 principles of Jieyang Industrial Door

The 6 principles of Jieyang Industrial Door:

Principle 1: Curtain material. The industrial door is made of two-layer compressive strength, high wear resistance, and corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy profile industrial door extrusion processing.


Principle 2: Application field: Applicable to the exterior doors of Chinese industrial plants among industrial doors.

Principle 3: Opening speed: The average speed of industrial doors reaches 12-18m per minute;

Principle 4: Operation principle: The industrial door is connected in series with the door pages of the polyhedral theme activity, fixed in the slide rail cableway, and rotating left and right with the secret medicine on the door as the management center.

Principle 5: Driver principle: The industrial door uses a special motor to drive the roller blind management center axis to rotate. In addition, the roller blind power switch is implemented. When it rotates to the left and right limit switches set by the motor, it automatically terminates. Principle 6: Metal surface treatment. The industrial door has undergone the classic electrostatic powder spraying processing technology. The characteristics of this industrial production are strong performance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, non-fading, and easy maintenance, and it will feel like new for a long time. mouth.



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