Analyze the purpose and function of dust-free pvc fast door

Hengjie dust-free pvc fast doors are commonly used in contemporary times and factories also have safe passages for commercial services, freight logistics, and pvc fast doors are a type of electric rolling door. In some food factories, there are also pharmaceutical manufacturing workshops and their packaging logistics companies, all of which are very common. Compared with the general door, it has great advantages in the external design scheme, and it also has great advantages in the application of portable storage. What are the main uses of dust-free pvc fast doors are analyzed below:


1. The effect of sound insulation, noise reduction and heat insulation is very good, reducing noise and maintaining a comfortable and quiet office environment with temperature control;

2. Quickly isolate the air inside and outside the workshop to avoid the outflow of temperature caused by air convection, reduce energy consumption and reduce enterprise costs;

3. The design of the fast door is simple and unique, which can enhance the company's brand image and highlight the overall strength of the company;

4. Maintain a temperature-controlled, humidity-controlled, and clean production and processing natural environment in the manufacturing workshop;

5. Reasonably deal with energy consumption problems such as air conditioner leakage and heat flow internal flow. At the same time, the fast door has a great effect in the use of the freezer room, saving resources and can be quickly opened and closed to prevent the air conditioner from flowing out;

6. In food factories, skin care workshops, packaging lines, paper products processing manufacturing, packaging and printing processing manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing industries, and high-precision electronic device machinery manufacturing industries, it can shield out dust and small insects from entering, which is reasonable Avoid environmental pollution of goods by dust and dirt;

7. Improve productivity. The speed of fast door elevator is 0.8m/s-2.5m/s, which is 20 times that of electric rolling gate. It does not constitute an obstacle to cars and non-motor vehicles. It can quickly improve work efficiency without waiting;

The fast door is equipped with geomagnetic sensors and radar detection magnetic induction machinery and equipment, which is very intelligent in application. In addition, it is equipped with infrared safety light source to maintain the machinery and equipment, which has a very good safety factor. It is widely used in warehouses with large total volume of goods. The bottom of the fast door is equipped with an air barrier to improve its airtightness. Can be very good barrier to external air.

8. Hengjie dust-free pvc fast doors are now all equipped with a servo control system, AC servo motor + servo motor power box, which can make the door open and close hundreds of times a day without damaging the motor and door curtain. In addition, The fast door of Hongfa induction door is equipped with more than 6 door opening and closing methods, which greatly considers companies with different requirements, and thus improves the compatibility mode of fast doors in different manufacturing industries.



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